Exciting new board game for children and young people to explore their emotions


Traditional Board Game Meets AR Digital Interaction

The familiarity of a traditional board game, with tactile elements, play pieces, timer and tokens combined with digital interaction with a smartphone or tablet.

All the fun of a real board game but with Augmented Reality Technology!  Scan the cards for video, sound, animation, music and interaction!

The Internet-Linked Board Game

With digital animation, film, sound and music combined with a traditional board game feel with tactile elements & fun interaction between players. Explore your emotions with QRISIS! 

Hybrid Board Game with digital interaction

With internet linked digital animation, film, sound and music combined with a traditional board game feel with tactile elements and fun interaction and role play between players. Explore your emotions with QRISIS – the internet linked board game.  Fully expandable and updateable with new content that is future proof and relevant.

Dealing with your emotions has never been so much fun!

Internet Connected

Access digital content directly during game play for an exciting and stimulating play experience

Fun & Educational

A great way to learn about emotions and how to deal with them whilst playing with friends in a safe environment.

Smart Phone/Tablet Linked

Using a smart phone or tablet, you can interact with the digital content whilst playing.

Expandable Packs

Purchase expansion packs to extend your game for younger/older players and different experiences.

Role Play

Improve communication skills, act out scenarios to better understand your emotions.


Easy Rules, Quick Play

Takes a few minutes to learn, play can vary in length, choose between a short game or longer play, it’s your choice!

Upgrade your game with different subject packs for a game that grows with your child!

The game is expandable with Theme Card Sets, for example “Bullying”, choices based on age and ability of player.  So simple to upgrade and update your base game!  Flexible and super fun, every game is a different experience!

Up to four players or teams compete to win,  while interacting with the digital content, role playing, and learning about expression of emotions in a healthy and safe way.

Traditional board games offer a tactile way to interact, with digital interactivity the experience is even greater and definately more fun with sound, music and animation.

Easy to learn

Takes only a few minutes to learn, simple rules, intuitive play, choose from a quick game to longer play.

Fun & Educational

Traditional game play feel, a fun way to learn about emotions with friends and family, in a safe play environment.

Easily expandable

Purchase a selection of Expansion Packs to allow for greater variety of game play, more subjects are being added for all ages and abilities.


Fun & Educational!

Expansion Packs

Players or Teams




Limited Edition AR Hybrid Board Game.


Core Features

Film & Animation

View digital content with internet linked cards, watch animations and movies to enhance your game experience.


Sound & Music

A traditional board game but with sound and music to enhance your gaming experience for true multi-media play.


Purchase expansion packs to add great new features, with new content for variety of age ranges and experiences.

Individual or Group Play

Play with friends and family individually or as part of teams.  Flexible game play with variety of options to customise your game.

Smart Phone

Internet linked game play with digital content accessible through smartphone or tablet for digitally enhanced game.

Five Languages

Available in five different language translations: English, Spanish, French, German & Italian. More languages soon!

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Traditional Board Game Play meets Augmented Reality Interatction!

Age Specific Expansion Packs so the game can grown with your child!

For ages from 5-19 to help explore emotions in a safe, fun game environment!

Traditional tacticle game components

Fun to play and learn about emotions

Qrisis Augmented Reality Board Game

A Hybrid Board Game enhanced with Augmented Reality Technology to help your child learn to deal with their emotions during a crisis

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